March 25, 2012


Syrie Maugham 1922 - 1955 was a legendary British interior designer in both England and America.  She was extremely progressive for a woman of that time and founded her own business in 1922 to release her creative energy into (despite her husband, William Somerset  Maugham, the well-known playwright, not approving).

She was credited with designing the "first all white room" (above) in 1929.
It was her own living room in London, which she unveiled at a screening party of sorts, decked out with candles and white flowers. It was quite a sensation!

Because she became synonymous with white throughout her career, Salvador Dali named this phone design of his "The Syrie Version" because it was all white and cream.

Syrie became famous for using white in her interiors, and her own living room, the "first all-white room" catapulted her success.  She became in demand by America's royalty.  however, while white made her famous, her later body of work is lesser known.  This (above) is a surrealist inspired room she designed...notice the horse hoof chair legs. 

More surrealist influence. Syrie was also known for using the palm statues and the color green.

Syrie's bold use of plants in a client's home to create a scape within the staircase.

{images via Syrie Maugham book}

February 14, 2012


{image via Pinterest}


Artist : Marilyn Minter

"Choked" 2004

"I <3 U" 2008

"Blue Shower" 2004

It's too bad these limited edition Marilyn Minter pillows are sold out.  

Once upon a time they were available at aspen art museum...

*Art works available at Baldwin Gallery 

February 11, 2012


Because everyone everywhere is plastering up images of pinks and hearts and reds and chocolates for the soon to be here Valentine's Day (one of my favorite holidays actually), I have decided to share one my most loved things/places in the world : the Amalfi Coast, Italy. 

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February 3, 2012


The 5th avenue apartment of Frederick Malle, legendary perfumer. 
A contemporary mix of art work (old and new) and modern furniture. 

{images via Architectural Digest}

February 2, 2012


A really well designed product - the SEI water bottle. 
There are so many out there - this one is better. 
Inspired by the military canteen, this water bottle is designed to go anywhere with you because it has a flat profile - think flask - so it fits in any bag, or practically pocket.
And you can refill and refill and refill. 
This is a good discovery in the water bottle world. 

January 23, 2012


A palatial bedroom. 
Canopy, textured earth-toned walls, and fierce alluring red drapes.
Contrast of the floor with wood inset stone. 
Cool to warm in seconds...