March 25, 2012


Syrie Maugham 1922 - 1955 was a legendary British interior designer in both England and America.  She was extremely progressive for a woman of that time and founded her own business in 1922 to release her creative energy into (despite her husband, William Somerset  Maugham, the well-known playwright, not approving).

She was credited with designing the "first all white room" (above) in 1929.
It was her own living room in London, which she unveiled at a screening party of sorts, decked out with candles and white flowers. It was quite a sensation!

Because she became synonymous with white throughout her career, Salvador Dali named this phone design of his "The Syrie Version" because it was all white and cream.

Syrie became famous for using white in her interiors, and her own living room, the "first all-white room" catapulted her success.  She became in demand by America's royalty.  however, while white made her famous, her later body of work is lesser known.  This (above) is a surrealist inspired room she designed...notice the horse hoof chair legs. 

More surrealist influence. Syrie was also known for using the palm statues and the color green.

Syrie's bold use of plants in a client's home to create a scape within the staircase.

{images via Syrie Maugham book}